2 Feb 2011

EX- Colchester Art School Student Wins The Internet.

A few weeks ago ex art school student Joe Stone (class of 09) posted this mind blowing info graphic that explained the relationships of the main characters of Marvel Comics X-Men. Joe posted his graphic on his Tumblr (blog site) and within 24 hours his post was gaining hit after hit until in had been re-blogged on over 2000 other peoples blogs, this let to massive internet hype on one blog being called "the hottest thing since Harry Potter" this all got noticed and helped Joe get his work featured on www.wired.com, www.io9.com, www.buzzfeed.com, www.thedailywhat.com, www.slashfilm.com, www.geekologie.com and reddit.com.

Joe's work is a great illustration of the power of the internet and the importance of getting YOUR work out there, so what ya waiting for... GET BLOGGING!

to view Joe's original post click here

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