25 Oct 2011

Identity Crisis

A successful first project resulted in a nicely composed exhibit of 1st Year work. The brief was designed to allow students to explore where their current design interest's lie but to also get them used to working to strict production deadlines.

There are more pictures online but please check out the show in person. Their is some really impressive work and more to come.

22 Oct 2011

BBC Newsnight: Information Graphics

Thanks to Greg Barrett for bringing this to our attention. Neville Brody once again confirming the Graphic departments general consensus.

20 Oct 2011

The Best part

Wandering the wilds of Design Milk this morning I found this guy.

Pretty nice clean illstration and glow in the dark ink. Two of my favourite things.

No. Zine

This publication is designed and printed with an acute aesthetic sensitivity, and balaclavas. Check out and purchase here.

It's getting cold welcome to winter students.