26 Jan 2011

'Inception' Brief - Semester Break Project

Here is the brief for the PDP project for semester break. This is mandatory for all year 1 and year 2 students:

In order to practically discuss alternative forms present in contemporary graphic media, and also explore the ideas of installation needed for your third year, we are asking you to propose a graphic concept that changes perceptions and challenges the world around you.
Within your core modules you naturally examine routes such as print, package design, web design, but what of more esoteric forms like; scale sculpture and paper engineering, audio and visual installations and mural production; by exploring these ideas you could change the perception of what it is to be a contemporary graphic artist.
As part of a practical application of your personal development module, you are asked as an individual or as a group to propose an concept for an installation. That will be situated by the entrance to the graphic media department and be based across either of the two blank walls (see blog for photos and sizes).
The subject of your proposal is based upon the idea that graphic media is very good at planting the seeds of thought or an idea into people’s minds. Your proposal can tackle any subject but it must not be too literal but look too abstract and alter the perceptions of those who will eventually view it.
Your proposal must be visual and inspiring as only two projects will be chosen to be installed as part of the Graphic department’s final end of year productions.
What you need to do:
• As an individual or group, write and produce a visual proposal. As well a planning the idea you could produce a mood board/ PDP journal pages to help explore the concepts.
• As part of the personal development process you will need to keep a record of your time working on the proposal to include as part of PDP journals. Photographs, notes, blog/diary entries this will inform our understanding of your interaction in this organic process. Be free, but document this freedom as evidence of your thoughts and processes throughout the duration of the project.
• If chosen and installed, write a critical evaluation of the graphic outcome and your personal experience of the project/s.

The spaces are really open to interpretation, you can use the images above for your proposal but just make sure your proposal is VISUAL, and uses examples and research well. We are looking for the brightest, most inspiring ideas to fill the space, I will be uploading examples of work to help inspire over the next two weeks.

Good Luck.

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