25 Oct 2010

Charming suicide.

An artist who makes the crossover from fine artist to graphic artist is 'Remed', read a little about him here. Good stuff.

20 Oct 2010

Peter Saville

Best album cover ever, end of. Kneel before Saville.

Beautiful losers ~ Twist.

Think faest!

Check out this magazine and blog, pretty tidy and self published too. 5% discount on subscriptions too.

19 Oct 2010

Listen to Devo.

Milton glaser

You probably do, but if you don't, all hail Milton Glaser.

13 Oct 2010

Space and time.

We all love astronauts, but whats better than cold war american space programs? Cold war american space programs and David Carson.

Google him everyday forever.

Gap apparently crap?

Gap attempted to update their preppy collegate logo with this new affair, it got a small bit of press and a rather wider cultural backlash.

What do you think? Personally, and this goes for most things; If ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Life in a bubble.

Barney Bubbles, probably one of greatest cut and paste designers of all time, research him, buy his book, better still buy every album he produced artowrk for.